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FORUM Building

Aug 22, 2022: We have moved to the 5th floor to our new lab facilities at Aarhus University Hospital



Sept 1 2020: Thank you to the La Caixa foundation for supporting the project AtheroConvergence. We will work with Miguel Angel del Pozo and colleagues at CNIC, Martin Schwartz, Yale University, and Jesús Ruiz-Cabello, BioMagune, San Sebastian, to understand convergent mechanisms involved in initiation and progression of atherosclerosis.

Thor team.jpeg

Meet the THOR team

Funded by ODIN (Open Discovery Innovation Network) a NovoNordisk Foundation-sponsored initiative we aim to find risk genes in vascular smooth muscle cells, understanding their mechanism, and speed up the drug developing process. 



Aug 1 2020: Day 1 of the project EXPLOSIA supported by the European Research Council with a Consolidator 2019 grant. Time to learn about smooth muscle cells, their role in plaque development and their potential as therapeutic targets. 

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